At Universal, we understand how important it is for the people within your church to connect with one another. We are here to help make that happen!

New Promotional Materials:

What Ministry is taking place in your church?
How are you telling
people about it?
How do you help new attendees
connect with your church families and build relationships?
Interacting with you on these very important questions allows us to help you
meet your goals and grow your church.

Through Universals' Directory Program we will:

  • Create a Connections Event for your church and families
  • Provide you with the ministry tools you need to build relationships and reach your community
  • We offer 4 different family section styles to best fit your church
  • Choose an Old Masters professional grey or brown background for your family section
  • Give every family a free 8x10 portrait and a directory
  • Receive a 20% overrun of directories for your growing congregation
  • Universal's photographers will take interior and exterior photographs of your church as well as photographs of your staff members
  • Use program credits earned based on the number of families photographed to customize your program to benefit your ministry

All at no cost to your church!

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